Central Bank of Egypt's Internship program aims at providing Egyptian students with the opportunity to experience real work life in its premises and to shadow professionals and experts on a daily basis for a month / 2 months. Our aim is to participate in the development of the Egyptian students and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to be able to start their career effectively upon their graduation.


​• Applicant must hold the Egyptian nationality. 
• Applicant must be an undergraduate student in second or third year of college. 
• Applicant's accumulative GPA must be good or above. 
• Applicant's major should be one of requested majors for the year.


​• "The training as a whole was more than perfect and the HR team was so helpful" Sherine khaled, Research Sector Intern. 
• "It is a good chance to be trained here" Ahmed Refaat, Banking Supervision Unit Intern. 
• " It was totally relevant to my field of study which made it a "worth – the – time" experience", Jaida Gamal, Risk Management Department Intern. 
• "Fulfilling experience and very professional" Hekmat El Matbouly, Banking Supervision Unit Intern .