Information Security

The Banking sector in Egypt has seen unprecedented growth in the last 10 years. This growth has been further strengthened by the use of state of the art Technology infrastructure to instill efficiencies that continuously optimize banking services for Corporates, individuals within the country's economic arena. The Central bank of Egypt, being the focal point for control and regulatory management of all banks has adopted a robust scheme of protecting the most valuable asset of all Information. We are living in difficult times both locally and globally and recent years have seen substantial growth in cyber crimes and electronic fraud. Networks have become more interlinked and the internet and social networks have facilitated the access and circulation of all kinds of information around the globe. It is thus become a vital responsibility to ensure information and their hosting platforms are protected against unauthorized access or manipulation, intentional or accidental loss.

With this in mind, Central Bank of Egypt has given focus to the implementation of highly sustainable Information security governance across the organization. This includes qualified individuals who have the know how to ensure security of information and underlying platforms are maintained at the highest level with strong support of global policies and procedures enforced at every process within the Central Bank. In addition internal staff awareness and education has become a critical element that is working in parallel to the daily security and controls to ensure the successful change in culture and human behavior with regard to access and handling of critical information within the business whether in electronic or paper format. ​