Senior Management

  • Mr. Tarek Amer

    Central Bank of Egypt Governor
  • Mr. Gamal Negm

    Deputy Governor
  • Ms. Lobna Helal

    Deputy Governor
  • Mr. Ihab Kassem

  • Ms.Rania Al-Mashat

    Sub-Governor Monetary Policy Unit
  • Mr. Tarek El-kholy

    Sub-Governor Risk Management and Banking Supervision – Onsite
  • Mr. Tarek Fayed

    Sub-Governor Banking Supervision Unit – Offsite
  • Mr. Khaled Farouk

    Sub-Governor Banknote Printing House
  • Mr. Hamed Mahran

    Sub-Governor Foreign Relations
  • Ms. Amany Shams Eldin

    Sub-Governor Banking Operations
  • Mr. Hany Omar

    Assistant Sub-Governor Security
  • Mr. Ahmed Salah

    Assistant Sub-Governor Monetary Policy Unit
  • Mr. Hussien Sherif

    Assistant Sub Governor Banking Supervision Unit – Onsite
  • Ms. Naglaa Nozahie

    Assistant Sub-Governor Economic Research
  • Mr. Ahmed El Gazaar

    Assistant Sub-Governor Human Resources
  • Mr. Mohamed Ali

    Assistant Sub Governor Internal Audit
  • Ms. Nadia Shokry

    Assistant Sub Governor Foreign Relations
  • Ms. Mai Abulnaga

    Assistant Sub Governor Governor's Office
  • Mr. Mohamed Aboumoussa

    Assistant Sub-Governor Banking Supervision Unit – Offsite
  • Mr. Rami Abulnaga

    Assistant Sub Governor Markets Sector
  • Mr. Hatem Ibrahim

    Assistant Sub Governor Risk Management Department
  • Mr. Ayman Hussein

    Assistant Sub Governor Information Technology and Payment Systems
  • Mr. Sherif Ashour

    Assistant Sub Governor Basel Department / Banking Supervision Sector
  • Mr. Sayed Faisal

    Assistant Sub Governor Specialized Inspection Teams and Technical Office / Banking Supervision Sector
  • Ms. Nagwa Idris

    Assistant Sub Governor Credit Collection Risk / Banking Supervision Sector
  • Mr. Nabil Mouris

    Assistant Sub Governor Licensing Department /Banking Supervision Sector
  • Mr. Maher Tolba

    Assistant Sub Governor Legal Cases and Complaints Department / Banking Supervision Sector
  • Mr. Osama Nour El Din

    Assistant Sub Governor Administration Affairs Central Department